In which Mr. Higgins rides the steam locomotive:


Mr. Higgins sits in a plush red booth with dark wood paneling and gold trim. He stares wistfully out the window, watching the greenery flash by the window. He is holding a tape in his hands and is rewinding it without paying attention. The tape comes to its beginning and he does not stop. It snaps. Startled, he looks down at the frayed line of tape that has come apart on his lap. In a fit of anger he stuffs the broken tape into the leather satchel beside him and throws it across the room. After breathing hard for several minutes, his expression softens to one of concern, and he gets up, unsteady in the moving train, to retrieve the satchel. He pulls out the tape recorder and a new tape.


“In search of the Unicorn: tape fifteen, entry one. I fear that I have damaged the previous tape. I do hope Jonathan at the society will be able to mend it once I return. To recap: I am on a mission to meet a woman named Hehewuti. This woman is rumored to have intimate knowledge of the animal Equues unicornis, commonly referred to as, the Unicorn. As documenting the existence of said creature is one of my foremost goals in life, my excitement over the occasion is quite palatable. I do hope the woman is useful. These savages can be so hard to work with, as my experience with the fishermen of India when I was hunting for the Rainbow Fish of Vishnu. Scales of fire indeed!”

Mr. Higgins pauses, as something catches his eye out the window.


After a long journey over the Atlantic in Her Majesty, I am at last on solid ground and journeying by train to the place where, via correspondence with Hehewuti, she has agreed to meet me. I am not sure how long this train ride will take to get to the place called, Montana, but I hope it will be quick.”


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