In which Mr. Higgins acts professional – almost:


Mr. Higgins is buttoning up a vest that fits his large waistline. Light streams through the porthole window of his room. He checks himself in the mirror and adjusts his hat and smoothes his mustache. Almost an afterthought he picks up the tape recorder and rewinds it.


“In search of the Unicorn: tape fourteen, entry four. It has been a most fortunate coincidence that a fellow Royal Naturalist is on board this airship with me. Mr. Donald Buffurt is well known throughout the scientific community for his excellent field work in the field of cryptozoology. I would say he and I would make quite the impressive team on my current project. Alas Mr. Buffurt is currently taking a vacation. I believe our line of work may have taken a toll on the old boy, so it would be quite impossible of me, if not downright rude, to request his assistance in my search for the Equues Unicornis. I am saddened by this, but as I took on this trip with the understanding I did it alone, I feel that I can push beyond this disappointment quite readily. I will discuss the matter of my case with him today during our appointment in the gentlemen’s club on board. If he has anything of interest to add to my notes thus far, I will be sure to repeat them tonight. I do not want to inconvenience him on his vacation by thrusting a recorder in his face. In search of the Unicorn: tape fourteen, entry four.”

Mr. Higgins stops the tape. He presses play and the loud words from the previous night are heard. He blushes and winds the tape back to the end of the last entry.


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