In which Mr. Higgins gets impatient:


Mr. Higgins paces his cabin. He is agitated. The recorder is on the dresser and has been running for some time.


“Of all the damnable flea-infested, dirt-grubbing low-lifes to have on this ship why is Mr. Donald Buffurt on board my airship? This is my journey, my discovery and this man has the gall to swoop in and pretend he is just going on vacation to the Americas. Well, I highly doubt that! Who in their bloody right mind would go on vacation to the Americas for God’s sake? And why would he be so keen on hearing what Miss Wellington had to say at dinner, when she was clearly speaking to me, QUITE CLEARLY.

“Who cares about his explorations in China and drawings of that silly dragon that looked more like a snake? Who cares that he spent summers in Greece as a boy and met a satyr or griffin? I certainly could ferret out the same creatures he has, if my parents had been as blessed as his by the royal coffers. Damn him!

“He cannot possibly think I would allow him to accompany me to visit this Hehewuti. No indeed! Having the gall to ask me what I was doing visiting the Americas? As if he did not know! As if the entire Royal Naturalist Society did not know! I know he is up to something, he has always been a sneak! He will remain as far away from the damnable unicorn tamer as possible or so help me…

“Damn him! Miss Wellington was only being polite, paying him so much attention, such a lovely creature she is. I could have told her how I tracked down the minotaur just as Theseus did with only my wits and a ball of thread if Donald would have given me a word in edgewise. Horrid man! Where did he come from? Claims he was working with the captain in the front deck these past few days? Pretending he knows how to sail an airship? Well I’ll show him! Then Miss Wellington will be more than pleased to speak to me at dinner, not him.

“Once I get my hands on——-

The recorder shuts off with a clack. Mr. Higgins pauses his tirade, surprised. He looks at the recorder as if he had forgotten its existence. Shaking his head he begins to pace again and continues to rant to the empty room.


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