In which Mr. Higgins regrets the night before:


Mr. Higgins is burrowed under the covers. He peeks out from under them and squints in the light shining through his window. His eyes are bleary and he puts one hand to his mouth and smells his breath. He grimaces. He then notices the recorder in a crumpled mess at the foot of the bed. With some struggle over his large belly he manages to pull the recorder to him. When he finds the tape has been played out, he winds it carefully to the beginning and listens to the previous night’s recording. Horror and then shame play out across his face and he winds the tape once again to the beginning and hits record.


“In search of the Unicorn: tape fourteen, entry TWO.  The trip to the Americas continues to go smoothly. The people on board are quite amicable. They remind me of the mermaid colony I stumbled across in my search of the giant squid. I anticipate my upcoming meeting with the before mentioned, Miss Hehewuti. I imagine she will be pleasant to work with.”

Mr. Higgins pauses and looks guilty. He stops the recorder and gets up, with some groaning. He drops two pills into a cup of water and watches as the water fizzes and bubbles until the pills dissolve completely. With a deep breath he then tosses the contents of the glass into his mouth in a single gulp. He turns the recorder back on.


“I look forward to sharing my experiences with Miss Hehewuti. She is said to be knowledgable in many classifications of creature species even if she is from a savage background. Perhaps she has a better understanding of the wild creatures, as I imagine she is somewhat wild herself. I will have to find out if she has a theory of how the mermaid colony learned the spoken language. They were quite mysterious about it when asked by the translator.”

Mr. Higgins scribbles something on the well used notepad next to his bed, the word mermaid clearly defined. He checks the length of tape used and appears satisfied.


“Of course, most importantly, Miss Hehewuti is said to be the foremost expert in the animal Equues Unicornis and that is what I will be focusing on in the interview. I hope all of the circulated rumors about her prove to be true. I have just eight more days of travel and then I will find out. In search of the Unicorn: tape fourteen, entry two.”


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