In which Mr. Higgins contemplates the yet unknown Hehewuti:


Mr. Higgins reclines again on his bed. He is in a silk dressing robe, red with black and yellow dragons spun on the back. His glasses are off and what is left of his hair is rumpled. An open bottle of scotch accompanies him on his nightstand. His recorder lies on his pillow. If Higgins realizes the recorder is on, it is uncertain.


“In search of the Unicorn: tape fourteen, entry two. I must confess the ride to the Americas has been most enjoyable thus far. Much more so than the icy frigate I was forced to endure in order to sail in chase of the Abominable Snowman last month. Those Norse navy men were made of inhuman steel I tell you. To make matters better around here, there is a lovely little blond number just down the hall from my room, who I dare say was making eyes at me over the buffet table. Yes Mr. Higgins ol’ boy, lovely little number indeed. Perhaps I may have had a wee touch of scotch, and damn fine scotch indeed, damn fine. Well no matter, life of a journalist, it is what you edit out.”

Higgins giggles.


“As I was saying, my quest thus far has been lovely. I do find myself holding my breath at the most random places on board this ship. It is because I am filled with such intense expectation for my upcoming meeting with the before mentioned Miss Hehewuti. Even her name lends to a kind of wonderment when spoken. He-he-wu-ti…


“Huh-huh-woo-tea hee hee.”

Higgins giggles and then hiccups.


“Such a deliciously savage name. There were reports she was a part of the Hopi tribe, which I was unaware existed, I thought they were all one tribe. I do believe she will be an interesting case study all in her own. I wonder if she will live in what the explorers have told me resemble tents made of leather, or called teepees. Perhaps she will be a wise woman, with feathers in her hair and her breasts bared with all the abandonment and shamelessness that these wild women type are known for. Maybe she is as lovely as the little female down the hall. I must be careful not to overwhelm her with my modernity, the camera and the like, she may believe they contain evil spirits. I will have to use my wit and superior intellect to charm and tame her. Tame her. Tame her so we may tame the Unicorn………………………”

Higgins has fully sank into the bed, and his eyes have drooped closed. A faint snore rises from the pillows. The recorder continues to record until the tape finishes, and the machine snaps off.


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