In which Mr. Edgar P. Higgins embarks for the Americas:


Mr. Higgins, a stout middle-aged gentleman with a rather long mustache, sits on his bed, tie loosened, reclining with one arm behind his head. He is speaking into his tape recorder.


“In search of the Unicorn: tape fourteen, entry one. It is an auspicious moment in my career and personal life. I am aboard the Her Majesty Blimp, en route to the Americas to meet one interestingly named, Hehewuti. Through exhaustive efforts and extensive research, I have managed to acquire a meeting with the elusive Miss Hehewuti, in the hopes she can help me to do something no other naturalist of the Society has: verify the existence of one such beast named the Unicorn. Although I have achieved great success over the course of my life and have been very lucky to capture on film and in writing the likes of the before believed non-existent yeti, mermaid, harpy, werewolf, and even the matador (at great risk to my person) and so many others that it would take hours to recount, I have yet to climb the pinnacle of every naturalists dream, the Unicorn.

“As such, I have met many persons in my travels who knew something or other about the Unicorn, but it was not until my adventure fishing with the Lochness Monster that I stumbled upon a key bit of information, leading me to contact the before mentioned Miss Hehewuti, and at last arrange a meeting. You can imagine my excitement when the telegraph came, terse as it was, accepting my request to visit her at her abode in the north western forests of North America, in a place I believe some refer to as Montana. I hesitate to allow myself to experience the full spectrum of my excitement, as I have followed many a red herring in my quest to find the Unicorn, but like every other time I cannot help but to feel some emotions, so that when I first boarded Her Majesty, I must confess my heart was hammering. I have been promised the cover story for the Fellow Royal Naturalist Society’s Journal if I am successful, which enough to make a man want to kick up his heels. Take that Donald Buffurt, you think you are so great with your collection of photographs of the Chupacabra, well we will just see who comes out first now old chap won’t we?

“But I digress. I must sign off now, as I feel my eyes heavy with sleep. It has been such a long week preparing for the journey, and in all the excitement I do not know that I got a wink of sleep. The gentle rolling of Her Majesty is enough to remind me of that. In search of the Unicorn: tape fourteen, entry one.”


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